Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Feel Like A Kid Again

Today, I stopped the ice cream man for some old fashioned Lucas chili powder. I grew up on this stuff.

Unfortunately they had no Ravens Revenge.


Monday, March 30, 2009

What's Happening With The Bear Den?

Well, quite a lot actually.

What ends up happening is that lately there's been event after event, and I end up taking so many pictures and staying out so late that I've literally got no time to post anything. The jury's still out on if I truly am starting to look like Vince Vaughn. I'm so, so tired guys.

Anyway I know most of you are picture fiends anyway, so I'll shut up now and show you what we've been getting into lately.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let me present to you my case.

Exhibit A: Korea vs Japan

No matter where you go, there are hordes and hordes of Red Sox fans. Lucky for you, Danny and I are here.

I'm thinking this sign was lost in translation- I believe they meant "We Believe In You."

Those clever Koreans...

Looks like the hadoukens I left in the 4th grade have found a new home on the Korean Baseball Squad.

Scorekeepers nightmare- check out those last names.


Exhibit B: Disneyland

Apparently Tyra's from The 'Wood.

Yep. That's a paw print.

"Yeah can I get the same color as the lightposts in Disneyland? Thanks."

Check out Danny's nostril totally replacing Mr. Potato Head's pupil.

There's a reason I'm tilting my head and favoring my ear in this picture. Ask Yovie. It's a grand story.

Cox on the scare floor.

Mr. My-Throat-Hurts-and-I-Can't-Stop-Coughing eating an ice cream cone.

"Ok dude, don't look now, but Satan is totally right next to you bro."

Yes, people still use keytars.

Geoff = FAIL

We mean business. Well, sort of.

Exhibit C: Kelly's Karaoke Korner

Mr. I-Gave-Up-Beer-For-Lent.

What does everybody want?! What does everybody need?!

Master of Puppets/Ceremonies. He'll sing Creed if provoked.

Kimmers, Yovers, and the most enthusiastic thumbs up I've ever seen from Bryan.

Channeling my inner Depp.

Told you, check out those lyrics.

Rare Allana appearance- three days only, straight from Davis.

Tower of power.

Exhibit D: Extreme Nate-Overs and Swingers

Old Nate, same Yovie.

Our monthly visit to my favorite diner in LA.

Bryan and Special Dan presenting New Nate!

Rare appearances left and right- but to the left look who it is! It's Tony Diamonds!

Jusi, Mary, and Ace Boogs made it- why weren't you there?

Exhibit E: Assorted Randoms

BBQ-n, and yes we have floral wallpaper in our home. It's a mood lifter, deal with it.

Nat trying to dodge the inevitable Bear Den.

Buttascotch, Yo. Get it? 'Cause it's Yo in the middle? Nevermind.

Bunch of stray cats.

Sporadic, impromptu Mash Potato/Twists in the parking lot. You can't hang with this crew.

Look how intense my face is- truly I danced this night away.

Trisha's face says it all.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank you Gayson

The season hasn't started yet and I'm feeling good about this season.
Jason Paul just gave me this baseball signed by Tim Salmon!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Like It Was 1980