Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Do You Do..

When you have to spend $1,350 in 24 hours?

You splurge.

More details in the Vegas recap. Oh, and I guess I'm going to the Chris Rock show.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sinners of the World, Unite!

I'm going to be in The City of Sin until Monday, so depending on how busy I am, I may not be able to post regularly.

And since I'm ditching our Southern California heat for, well, even more deadly heat, I'll leave you with this.

Happy Birthday, Michael!

The world is too cruel to thee.

Happy 50th.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Sweet Would This Be?

You've Just Crossed Over Into...

The Bearded Zone




An ELEVATOR full of TOURISTS makes its daily and normally routine ride up to the OBSERVATION DECK.


BRYAN'S FINGERS run through his BEARD. Something is wrong. The ELEVATOR SERVICE LIGHTS come up as the lift goes dim. Bryan wonders aloud if this has anything to do with trimming his beard earlier than the bet was intended for.


All the lights suddenly grow dim, except for a weird, peculiar light SHINING on Bryan. The ELEVATOR DOORS slowly CREAK their way open. There is nobody left on the elevator, and where the doors open it is surely not the present.

There is an old SEPIA TONED NEWSPAPER on the FLOOR, suggesting that the year is no longer 2008. An OLD, WRINKLED BELL BOY emerges from the END OF THE HALL.

BELL BOY (quietly, under his breath)
"We've been expecting your arrival, Mr. Geraghty. We always knew you wouldn't play fair. You're right on time."



ROD SERLING - calmly smoking a cigarette as he stands atop the observation deck.

Submitted for your consideration: a man in an elevator, barreling up a shaft of concrete and steel and fun. Bryan Geraghty has just won a bet by growing his beard for a full year, and is cashing in his prize in glamorous, glitzy New York City. But in a moment this fantasy will fizzle; somehow others know of his devious and deceptive fraud. In a moment a man, whose only intention was to complete a silly bet, will turn a corner and come face to face with his worst nightmare: thematic incongruity. He's about to discover it's 1988, a year when gas was 91 cents a gallon, inflation was at 4%, Michael Jackson was singing about a whore in Dirty Diana, and the answer to "Will Dustin Hoffman Win Best Actor in Rain Man?" could only be found in... the Twilight Zone.


Did Bryan really trim his beard? Will Bryan ever find his way out of the creepy, bizarro, alternate universe that he's trapped in? Who was the Bell Boy talking about as in 'we?' Answers to this and the following will be answered during the second and third week of September. Stay tuned..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Age Old Question

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Biggest Little Blog, Part Two

Here's the second half of the trip, driving from Reno to San Francisco. A beautiful drive, really.

Since Amelia stunk, we stuffed her in the back. Here was her view of Donner Lake.

Bay Bridge, aka That Green Bridge.

"I think we're in San Francisco guys."

Golden Gate Bridge, aka That Red Bridge.

Do you see what I see?

Tourist time.

And yes, one of my lucky gnomes made the trip.

Whatever happened to predictability? When you're lost out there, and you're all alone, there's a scene from your favorite TGIF show to carry you home.

Ace and TJ know how expensive this place is.

Then it was off to my favorite part of San Francisco, City Lights Bookstore. It was founded by a poet in the Beat era of the 50's and 60's, and was instrumental in the success of Allen Ginsberg's Howl. This place was absolutely full of books, and for us it was a dream.

Completely unstaged. Seriously.

I get this goofy face every time I read Kerouac.

After years of searching, I've finally found The Door, and my, what a story he has to tell.

Here's a sweet bar next door to City Lights.

Then it was off to 710 Ashbury, former home of the Grateful Dead.

Which is just up the street from the pretty awesome RVCA store on the corner of Haight and Ashbury.

As I was walking along Haight, a little something caught my eye.

Upon closer inspection...

And since I didn't get enough books, we ventured into the equally as awesome Booksmith.

If Nick May ever got a Mini, it'd definitely be this one.

Next was dinner at The Stinking Rose with Amelia's dad.

For starters we swabbed these on our garlic bread rolls. For those of you who aren't familiar with The Stinking Rose, everything -literally everything- is cooked in garlic to the 28th degree.

For schnitz and giggles, we even tried the garlic ice cream. Great start, awful finish. Kinda like that one movie.

Then a brisk walk over to Fisherman's Wharf to find Bush Man and the sealions, none of which were there.

But in case you didn't know who Bush Man was, here's a quick video.

Alas, our trip was over. I had a wedding to attend to on Saturday, so we found a hotel in Gilroy, coincidentally a garlic-centric town (maybe our bodies were unequivocally yearning for this area), to rest our heads for the night. If you've ever driven up to San Francisco, you've probably past through this town. Next time you smell garlic, check to see if you're passing through Gilroy, because you probably are.

Pero la cosa que me gusta mas es...

Story of her life.

Great mini vacation to get the mind right. I've got a few days before I leave again, and after that I'll be out on the right coast for a little something- stay tuned for that.

Now, to catch up on sleep. Jen With One N's got me beaten on a ration of at least 23098534:1.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Biggest Little Blog, Part One

I just got back from a road trip to San Francisco, and along the way I got to stop in June Lake and Reno, caught a show with Devendra Banhart and Beck, and also somehow made it in time for a friend's wedding. Here are a few highlights from the first couple of days.

On the road, again.

This time of year, June Lake is absolutely beautiful, it really is one of the best secrets yet. While everyone is at Mammoth, we get to enjoy the peacefulness that is June. If you've ever been, keep telling people that this place sucks.

I saw a lot of this for most of the trip.

If only that National Security Threat Level had a sweet mascot like Smokey, maybe I'd care a bit more.

This was Jen With One N's new car's first road trip. Interestingly enough, it's owner didn't drive a mile.

When you've been driving for almost 8 hours, your vision tends to blur. I had no idea I had crossed the California-Nevada border until I saw this decal.

"Well I guess we're in Nevada, guys."

The room at the hotel was ginormous, and luckily had a microwave to cook my all-time favorite snack.

Did I mention it had it's own private elevator?

So after a relaxing shower, I decided to hit the sack early- until Jen and Amelia burst in and said that Devendra's band was downstairs eating sandwiches. As quick as you could say Usain Bolt, we booked it downstairs and met them, and talked for quite a bit.

"So what are you guys going to do tonight?" -me

"I don't know. We were looking at laser tag. What about you?" -Noah

"Probably bowling." -me

"They have an alley?" -Greg

"Yeah! We should bowl." -me

"We should, see you later then maybe?" -Noah

We probably should have snapped a few more pictures, but when you meet people in a supergroup band (ie, Priestbird, Vetiver, Los Hermanos, Vetiver, Little Wings, you geek out so much that you don't think properly, especially when they want to bowl with you.

Here's my first out of body experience. Greg Rogove, Luckey Remington, Noah Georgeson, Pete Newsome.

Devendra wasn't there, so we asked ourselves what he may have been doing. I suggested that he may have been watching a movie with his girlfriend, while Jen and Amelia thought that maybe he was doing yoga in his room with his girlfriend. More on that later.

The next day the girls spent the day at the pool, while I spent all of it sleeping until it was time for the show.

We made friends! Sandy and Kels, you were great.

Remember the yoga theory? Well, as it turns out, Devendra was wearing a 70s yoga suit.

"As awesome as this thing is, it's totally riding my butt." -Devendra

"Isn't yoga still banned in Nevada?"

Check out this awesome cover.

Or check out his poetic banter.

Or perhaps you're into face melters?

"Hey Noah, can you give me the setlist?" -Jen With One N

"Oh hi, Jen! Sure, I'll give it to you right after the show." -Noah

Beck is by far the coolest Scientologist, ever.

At one point he asked Devendra and company to come back out to sing his son's favorite song.

After the show, we hit the town to take some pictures. The only problem was that it was almost midnight, and the freaks were definitely out. It literally felt like we were in the Thriller video.

Let's stay in the car instead.

Reno, where on Fridays you can earn 250 points on your rewards card, two free New York steaks, and a 4 pack of Bud!

Instead, we headed back to our hotel where Jen got her first licks at gambling. No joke, she stopped after she won $1.75.

Our measly winnings.

After the show, dodging creepsters in downtown Reno, gambling, and eating at the cafe for the late night special, there was only one thing left to do....


Part two coming tomorrow. It's good to be back.