Wednesday, July 30, 2008

National Cheesecake Day

In honor of National Cheescake Day, The Cheesecake Factory will be selling their delicious cheesecake for only $1.50. That's today people! So make sure you plan your day accordingly, and note that it's for dine-in guests only (you don't have to order anything else, only cheesecake is fine), limit one per guest.

I'm going to try and strike at least three today. Be prepared for a post.

And if you think I'm joking- go here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That Wasn't an Earthquake

It was the Angels making some big moves for a push towards another ring.

My team pulled off a trade today for one of my favorite ballplayers, Mark Teixeira. Although we give up an emerging young ballplayer in Casey Kotchman, I think the trade for The Big Tex will certainly help when we play those juggernaut teams come October.

Explaining the feeling I had when I refreshed my phone and saw this goes beyond words.

And did I mention that John Lackey almost threw a no-hitter today?

Two outs to go and it was blown by that gobshite Dustin Pedroia- just another reason for me to hate the Red Sox. On a normal day I'd still be irate, but today is the day where we get Mark Teixeira, and nothing else can go wrong.

Although most of the lyrics no longer apply (this was made last year when the Braves acquired him at around the same time), this is how I feel times a gabajillionfafillion.

Grandma, I Love You in a Salad Way

If you have the chance, watch the new Devendra video; Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings are in it!

Oh, your colored cousin
With a banana-milkshakeshake beard
And full from whale
Leaning towards the sun
Oh, your red ray of light
Kissing our mouth
The kiss that
Smells like alcohol

Oh your three lunar eyes
Enter when you leave
So they don’t leave
Oh, your colored beard
Mischievous and rebellious
I shave with a sword
But it comes back

La la la la la la...

If the night chases you
Surrender to her
Or tell her that you have a headache
Little shade of reflection
Give me something gentle
I devour your love
And shit hell

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Berno, berno
Berne berne berne oh oh
Berne berne berne oh oh

La la la la la la...

Oh, your colored eyes
Blue and orange
Yellow green and brown
My love wrapped in your heart
Don’t let it go please
We are the same elephant and serpent
Drinking brandy
In the sun
Of a flower

La la la la la la...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Diaaaaago

As promised, here is my report on the Comic-Con event in San Diego this past weekend. While I'll be posting pictures from Thursday-Friday, my other half will be reporting on the happenings from Friday-Saturday. Make sure to check out both!

We decided to fight the gnarly downtown traffic with our bikes, which ended up helping us out.

The Miner got touched up before the festivities. I dont know about you, but his nipples get all my feathers ruffled.

After meeting the boys for dinner, we headed over to some industry party (I forgot who was hosting). When we rolled up the line was pretty deep, but thanks to the long arm of KidRobot, we got in with no hassles.

Needless to say, it was a fire hazard inside.

After being mobbed by a group of people who took pictures with my shirt, I finally got to Jellybeans from KidRobot Miami, Ace, and Ace's $10 drink.

Then it was off to the MunkyKing/Vinyl Pulse party at this warehouse down the street.

Which was also home to the biggest industrial fan I've ever seen. Definitely kept the party breezy.

Artists had performance pieces going on into the wee hours of the night.

The aforementioned shirt, cocks and all.

Psychobilly x Zoot Suit. Limited edish.

Oversized couches made Ace look like a toddler.

Even the new Soulful Commandoe x New Era cap made an apperance!

Nick describing the overall feel of the evening.

Out front with Sam from NYC, KidRobot, Mason Jar, Soulful, and Chubby Boob.

Walking back to the condo proved heavy.

So heavy that Ace was compelled to do some push-ups.

For whatever reason, the KidRobot condo had stainless steel stairs. After a few drinks, these stairs pretty much spell A-C-C-I-D-E-N-T-A-L S-U-I-C-I-D-E.

Nichole, aka The Baroness, aka One Tough B, aka Sugar Mama, aka Big Girls Don't Cry.

Mason Jar x KidRobot x Chubby Boob x Soulful Commandoe x Vans x Converse x Why Do People Use X's for Collaborations?

The Morning After.

Waking up to the only music we know that helps.

After meeting Jen With One N (who was also in town for business), we met up with the rest of the guys at The Sun Cafe with Gabe (FBC) and Paul XXX. Cheap food, fun times, great stories. Having Paul around reminds me of a time we had in Vegas. Hmm.

Jen and I skipped the convention, and headed for lunch in La Jolla instead.

After a battle with the 5 Freeway, we ended up at Downtown Disney to watch Step Brothers with Amelia, Nick C, and Larisa. Not before we saw this little one jump and jive to the music.

Movie was HILARIOUS, and the dessert that Larv got was divine. Ugh son, what do you know about Beignets.

That'll do it for now, check back soon for Jen's OC Fair wrap-up!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

While You Were at Comic-Con

We were riding our bicycles around town.

In Corona, they're running out of room for everything. From house plots, to shopping centers- even the pigeons are stymied.

Danny Hearts before the saddle nailed him you-know-where.

While we were on the way back, we lost Danny along the way. Bryan was adamant on getting frozen yogurt at this new spot off Ontario, and before you know it we lost all track of time...and that Danny was waiting for us.

Once we got there, we noticed some friends who were on a little ride themselves. I'm starting to see more bicycles out, and it's not just with fixed gears either. It's really nice to see people choosing a different alternative to driving. If only the drivers out there could be more courteous.

A congregation!

And as luck would have it, my old pal Adam walks out of the building, and we catch up on things. Mainly, how Bryan looks and sometimes acts homeless, which in the end can only benefit him. Free food, money, and best of all compassion. Keep your head up Bry, you're halfway home.

At this point, we realize that Dan is still waiting for us. He calls, and Bryan steps outside to answer. Here's Bry lying to Dan about where we are.

"Yeah. "We just left, we're almost there."

Today: COMIC-CON. Expect to see an extensive picture blog, maybe even a running diary.

And on Saturday, we're having a get together for Jen With One N's birthday. Contact me for details, it's going to be a swell time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"C'mon, Man. I Got Work Tomorrow."

Thanks to Tom, we scored four tickets to last night's Angel game. It was a hard decision to pick who'd fill out the remaining two seats, but we settled on Danny Hearts and...

Introducing his first appearance on The Bear Den...

(drum roll)


For those of you who don't know Phil, he's a recently graduated Engineer and overall funny guy. He's always smiling about something, and it never ceases to amaze me how much positive energy this guy brings. He's like Danny Hearts, minus the whole "I gotta work tomorrow, guys," attitude. Just kidding Dan. Maybe. More on that later...

On the 55, we notice a guy laughing hysterically to himself. We asked him what was so funny, and he replied, "I'm naked." Creep.

The hippies in Downtown Orange were out today. Matter of fact I think they're out everyday.

Apparently the Ghostbusters retired in Orange (the old ones, not the poser new ones).

After picking up the tickets, we have a bit of trouble finding somewhere to park, and decide on parking at the "Best Value Lot." Totally not under Angel Stadium jursidiction and over where the old warehouse used to be, sits a brick-walled-and-barbed-wired enclosed lot, with only a hole in the wall to walk through towards the stadium. More on the hole in a bit...

You know, the roof of the Mini is just tall enough that it's painfully awkward to eat off it. Feels like you're a kid on a booster seat, reaching for num nums on the table.

Since Danny works for a new company now, we don't get to see him often. Personally, I don't blame him, he's making a lot of money and has a sweet view from his office to boot. Needless to say, the guy's busy. Bryan though gets a little sad, and tried to make up for lost time.

And it wasn't just for a second, either. It was for a good 10-15 minutes.

All this love must have brought us the man with the beautiful bleached hair. He's the one seated to the left with the sandwich. Did I mention he would shriek every time the Angels got a base hit?

Naturally, we sit as far away from the shrieker as we can, and leave Philip (who left for a bathroom break) to take the lucky seat next to him.

The vexing, yet entertaining Halo Troop were parading on the top deck as usual.

I see this guy every time I come to the stadium. Usually he's wearing a novelty viking's hat, this particular time he wasn't. What he was doing however was dancing like a maniac- something I've seen him do at the stadium and on the corner of Katella and Stadium Way.

Unfortunately, security wasn't having as much fun as we were with him...

...and subsequently booted him out.

Angels Brass, if you're reading this; Why throw out a guy who's so pumped to be at the game, and has no other way of expressing his feelings than by interpretive dance? I haven't seen you kick out the Halo Troop, and they go around banging drumsticks for the better part of games. C'mon guys. Boo.

Quote of the night:

"Now batting, number 17, Chin-Soo Sin- ahh ahem, Shin-Soo Choo."

-Angels PA Announcer

Remember the hole in the wall? Well, there it is.

Apparently somebody died on the treadmill at the 24 Hour Fitness. Yikes.

Every chance I get, I like to bust Danny's balls for having to leave for work so early in the morning. So whenever it's past 11, I like to push his buttons and see if he'll ever complain. Normally he doesn't, but tonight....we got him.

While they think we're going to Lee's Sandwiches, we give them a surprise.

Best quotes from the video-

"Back here is where we get the subs."
-Bryan (Listen to it again, and how serious he sounds.)

"Are we going to Lee's?! I thought we were going to Lee's! Are you serious?! Are you serious!"

-Phil (I'm not sure if he's pumped, or scared out of his wits. Most likely the former.)

"C'mon man, I got work tomorrow."
-Dan (Listen to the rare, obviously ticked-off Danny. Very hard to come by.)