Friday, May 30, 2008

Who Wants To Go Watch Sex and the City

Wearing these.

"Jason, can you pick up the kids?"

"No Ma'am!"

Just In Case You Were Wondering

Firearms are prohibited at the movie theatres. Equally as entertaining is that it sits par with the no cell phone sign.

I don't even own "a" gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.

And one last thing, don't you think they need to freshen up these restricted, no fill-in-the-blank-contraband signs? I mean, look at that cell phone, who in the world uses those things anymore except for Wall Street dudes. And therevolver- a revolver?

We might as well have signs with the brick and a gatling gun.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

From One Glow Party to the Next

This weekend we also celebrated Jill's birthday, which ended up being pretty glow in the dark like Michelle's.

The dip was good, the beers were cold, and the mixed drinks were honest. There really wasn't a better thing to do that night. Where else could you drink a brew, and see an Aurora Borealis in the comfort of a living room?

Said beers.

Said Aurora Borealis'.

As a gift, I offered my ritualistic surf braid to Jill, and was promptly cut off with Crayola scissors. That thing better stay on your mantle for the rest of our lives.

God, I love this gal. Even if she falls on to brick fireplaces.

Feliz cumpleanos Jilly!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Careless in Our Summer Clothes

"Splashing around in the muck and the mire."

Saturday evening was Michelle's Glow in the Dark Birthday Picnic in HB.

Lately we've had some damp weather here in Southern Cal, so our picnic slowly turned from a drizzly, yet lovely gathering- into a mad dash to a rain covered awning for shelter- into a wine sloshing, guitar picking, harmonica blowing session- into rolling around in muddy puddles- into, yes, you guessed it, a wild truck romp around the park. No more talking. Let's post pictures.

On the 405...
"Hey man, pull over there's a fire truck hauling ass behind us."

"Wait. That's no real truck. Why, it's the Del Taco Hot Sauce fire engine! Huzzah!"

Shaka braddah.

Pre-rain, in a spot in the clear.

Post-rain, in a spot in front of the public restrooms.

The sigh-oh-god-what-did-you-do-now-Bryan face and expression.

What goes well with some red and some Coke Zero? Oh yeah! Erin does. She's pretty much the Dream Weaver.

Franken-Bry. It's ALLLLIIIIIIVE.

Tony, aka Zoot Suit, starring in The Ralph Macchio Story.

All this glowing makes me want to live live harder, better, faster, and stronger.

Tron, 2.1 and 3 quarters.

The mandatory birthday piggyback ride. Standard.

They're with the band.

Feelin the song.

Gee-tar strummin' the night away.

Luke, The Italian Stallion, prefers to use his hands while he talks.

Just a swigful of red helps the medicine go down.

Birthdays, buddies, braids, blues.

"Get yo' haaaht glowww stickksss heyrrrrrrrrrre! Get 'em while they're hahhhhht!"

It wasn't Freebird, but hey Neil Diamond will do.

Eddie bought this sweet red coat with all the sweet dough he made from all those sweet glow sticks.

Daft Punk even made an apperance.

High fives for thigh bands!

RHCM, aka Dream Weaver, aka E-Money Money.

So after I assumed everyone else was going to jump and roll in the mud, the only person who got dirty with me was Michelle. Thanks for backing me, Mitch- are your clothes and shoes ruined like mine are?

Post truck romp, it's a miracle we got out unscathed. Amber Alert was nearly knocked out, Zoot Suit (think this, but with no skateboard) pretty much lost his soles, and Eddie had to take care of the Charlie hiding in the trees.

Was anyone aware that Denny's had a blog? How in the world did I miss this?

Six dollars later, I still couldn't claw Aaron. Lurking to the left is my vicarious.

Sidekicks, which derives from pickpocket slang of the late 19th and early 20th century. The "kick" is the front side pocket of a pair of trousers, and was found to be the pocket safest from theft. Thus the "side-kick" became an inseparable companion. Like Double Dragon.


Sunday, May 25, 2008


Friday, May 23, 2008

Cloning Rover

Your thoughts?


The answer.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Solving One Equation At A Time

La Exposición Arte Gordinfiona Teta (or something like that)

This past Sunday my twin brother* Joemm had an exhibition at La Sierra University showcasing his art, and the unofficial (or is it official?) debut of his new and upcoming line, Chubby Boob. Here are a few pictures from the event..

Yeah, there were bikes. Lots more after this was shot. PS world, this is Zoot Suit.

Funny story about the lady in the white by the door. Ask Joe about that one..

Oohing and aahing.

Bryan and I actually put these up while Joemm tackled the inside exhibit. I even heard someone compliment at how straight they were. Thanks lady, but you can thank lasers for the uber-precise leveling, Bryan's hurdy gurdy handiness, and my unmatched skill at mathematics.

Joemm's mum welcoming all of us with open arms. This was my second mum growing up; she's literally one of the kindest and gracious people I've ever met or will ever know.

Obligatory wide-angle corner photograph at art show.

The maker and the made.

Jen, who shared the inside exhibit, had these creepy looking pieces on old media (doors, window shutters, etc.) Absolutely beautiful, and horrifying (in a good way) at the same time.

Ace of Spades in the hoooooousssssssssse.

Got you, Nick.

By the time I realised they had food out, it was all gone.

Krystal Roque, who helped with this piece.

Dante, doing what he does best- taking the hors d'oeuvres before I spot them

The Oh-my-God-I-cant-believe-I'm-out-of-jail-picture-but-unbeknownst-

Bryan came, but left for hipster alternatives. "Alright guys, gotta go. Got a Matt Costa thing at the Glasshouse." Hey Bry, you forgot your PBR.

Nothing witty to write here.


I caught Joe stealing his own swag. Ruthless.

Want to know my favorite part of the night? It's when we got Joe to sign some autographs. Here's the sequence...

Fan: "Hey man! Awesome show, do you got a minute?"

Joe: "Sorry dude, no autographs I gotta go."

Fan: "Aww c'mon please man! I've been waiting for hours back here, I've always loved your stuff man. You rock soooooo hard man! You're the freaking best, man! Shit, you are the man! Man!"

Joe: "Sigh. Alright. But just one, and no pictures."
Fan: "Yes!!!! You're the best, you're, like, everything to me. I can't believe this is happening!!"

Fan 2 [rushed, out of breath]: "Hey can you sign this. To Dean. That's D-E-A-N. Yeah."
Fan: "Hey dude, I was here first! Back off!"
Joe: "Easy, easy! Everyone will get an autograph if you guys just calm down. Here you go, Dean"
Fan 2: "Oh can I have my Sharpie back?"

Fan: "Dude, J snap a picture quick!!"
[editors note: this picture below totally reminds me of 96% of all the "me and celeb" pictures I've ever seen. You know, the ones your friends show you when they met Jude Law at an airport, and he's signing a napkin, but in all their haste they forget to snap a decent picture and "Jude Law" ends up looking so ambiguous it could have easily been your eleventh grade english substitute teacher who's only there to earn credits for his teaching credentials. Yeah. Those pictures.

Or the ones they have on eBay saying that so-and-so celebrity signed a glossy 8x10 headshot and was obtained in a hotel lobby and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity; oddly authenticated by the seller and of no one of real importance or credibility. Yeah. Those pictures]

No it really says Nothing is Impossible.

Fan: "This is the greaaaaaaatest daaaaay eeevvvvvverrrrrrrr!!!!!!"

Joe and the Paulster.

The BFA- Baby Faced Assassin.

Unfortunately I lost the other pictures I took at this event. My computer seems to have eaten them, and it stink because we had some awesome shots at the wrap party held at BJ's, and the post-wrap party in the parking lot (where Ace grACEd us with impeccable form shown through inline skating. Hopefully I can find them, and do a part deux.

Joe, congratulations my friend. An amazing art show from an extra-amazing artist, I'm very proud of you and your accomplishments, and I cannot wait to see what else is yet to come from you and the rest of our camp. We all had an amazing time, brother- let's let the good times roll.

-PB, out.