Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Amelia's Halloween Party Pictures

This past Friday was my friend Amelia's Halloween get together, and this year I decided to be a Geico Caveman. It took nearly the whole day to adhere the prosthetic to my face, match the latex to the color of my skin with foundation, and tediously put the beard and eyebrows on. After all of that, it was time to head over.

It's wonder what it's like to look over to your right and see a caveman driving a Ford.

The host! (before picture)

Jesus with his favorite day, Wednesday.

I was pretty much eating the beard the whole night, and what made things worse was that I couldn't comfortably eat or drink anything unless it was small or was assisted via straw. So that explains this..

More cowbell!

Marie Antoinette

So easy..

Here I am explaining to Jesus that fifteen minutes could save Him 15 percent or more on car insurance.

Here's one of my favorite guys around, Jerry. For those of you who don't know Jerry, well he's pretty much the most amazing cowboy I know. I mean this guy used to buck bulls, so that there tells you what kind of fella he is. He spoke to me about bringing "the dark cowboy" back to fashion, and much to his excitement I told him we'd be doing a lot of pearl-snap flannels this upcoming season. And PS, he always dresses this dapper.

"No, Jerry, seriously brother, just fifteen minutes! But I'm not sure if they insure horses."

Amelia's rear.

We met a 'Nam vet who spoke like a pirate. At one point in the evening he brought over what he described was "garlic cheese toast." Really it was weed laced enchiladas. Where he got garlic cheese toast I'm not sure. Probably the code they gave to throw off the Charlie.

My favorite flapper.

"Is this beer sanctioned by the commish?"

What's a party if there's no dancing?!

Wednesday and the Host (after picture)

Make sure you compare Amelia's faces! OK that's it for now!

Happy Halloween!

Your Friend,


Friday, October 26, 2007


...on a good day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Is that..."

"Man look at those highwaters. Is that Muddy Waters?" -Joemm

"Dude that's Louis Armstrong" -me

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mama Said

Here's Nick and LL.

Cool J was upset that Nick made the "LL" face,
and stopped taking pictures after this.

"That's it, no more pictures."


I think the fires here in Southern California are starting to make us a bit kooky. Yesterday at work, an RTA bus ran through a closed railroad crossing arm.

As you can see from the picture on the left, there's something obviously missing from this railroad crossing. What the driver was thinking we can't really be sure, but what was scary was that he didn't slow down despite the horns from an oncoming train. Aren't buses supposed to stop before railroad tracks, anyway?

I guess what bothers me the most (as if the aforementioned wasn't enough) is that the passengers on the bus hardly batted an eye. You see, the bus made a u-turn to what seemed to be the obvious. Pull over, call authorities, and report the incident. What really happened? The bus drives by us for a second time, seemingly even faster, and books it out of there. As it came by again, there were no faces of distress or confusion. They all had the same expression of the driver. Lifeless, inanimate, even asleep looking people. In my mind, I imagined the bus driver pulling the gun from underneath his seat and saying,

"Nobody saw nothin."

And nobody did. At least that's how it plays out in my mind.

Kookyness is in the-

(wait, or is it 'kookiness?' I feel like the latter would phonetically sound more like 'cookie-ness.' I'm afraid that with that, people would just think of cookies. Hot, delicious, chocolate chip cookies. But if I wanted people to think of cookies, I'd have simple just spelled it 'cookieness'. Yeah. Cookieness. I like that. Look for 'cookiness' in a future entry. So for now lets stick with Kookyness)

is in the air, my friends. The bus driver, the passengers, the pointless rant on cookies- let's face it. It's probably because of the fire.

And now that we're on the topic of fire, I've got some burning questions. Has anyone noticed that fire updates are on every local news channel? Rightfully so, but that's not where I'm headed with this. There's a few things that don't add up here. What happens to all the news that was supposed to be reported if the fire never happened? Does it get pushed back? Do the intricate laws of newscasting somehow suspend time and space and forbid any new news from being reported? Amber alerts? Fugitive rapists? Sales at Crazy Gideon's? Where does it all go?

Well in any case, I hope the fires get put out soon. There and thousands of displaced people who are losing so many priceless possessions. It can't come any sooner, because the smoke is starting to make me feel a little loopy.

And if anyone's interested, there's a broken RR crossing arm in our parking lot if anyone wants it. I know there's some weirdo out there that would love to claim it to add to his or her pre-existing railroad crossing gate collection.

This has eBay written all over it.

Your Friend,

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Hard to Believe That..

This kid is 12 years old.


In all my haste, I forgot to introduce the newest edition (addition) to our
family, baby Weston!

Note my cousin Charvy's face.

Last Night at Borders

Getting a close up view at some defined deltoids.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

From Time to Time

The job I have is pretty cool.

I get to do what I love, travel to cool places for 'work,' and best of all get to work with my best friends. Aside from that, it is a pretty demanding job that isn't as easy as what's perceived. We work not only from the time we're at the office, but throughout the whole rest of the day. It bleeds onto our 'personal time', so the line that seperates work from our personal lives is often blurred. It's been a whirlwind the past 24 months, and I'm happy to say that we're still going strong.

Lately we've been getting some awesome fanmail, which as of late has been my favorite thing to do at work. It's almost always the encouraging, greateful letters, but from time to time we get letters like this that, well, is hard to describe. I'll let the author's words speak for themselves. Oh, and keep in mind, he's in high school.

Hello my name is ****** ********** and i would like to tell you about a great proposition that you should take. First off, i really like your clothing and would like to wear it. You see I am the best dressed kid at my school and whenever I wear something everyone else gos out and buys it and wears it the next week. Everyone at my school copies what i wear and wants to be as fresh as me. So i would like you guys to s e nd me some of your cloths and I guarantee that many kids will go out and copy me and buy your cloths which will make you guys money.I also attend many celebrity events because of some friends that i have and many people will see me and what i am wearing. So take me up on my offer.

****** **********

Like I said, I've got the best job in the world.



I've been wondering why I have gay and lesbian banners scrolling across my home page lately. I don't even remember when I started seeing them, but I think I found out why they're there.

Someone (and by someone I mean I've narrowed my shortlist down to three individuals) changed my sexual orientation to "Gay." Verrrrrry funny guys. It's no wonder I've gotten a couple "weird" messages in my inbox lately.

So to all of the prospective gays out there, I regretfully withdraw my name from consideration. It was a blind few weeks, but hey, we knew what this was right? You...you didn't think we were serious. Did you? Oh. Oh no. I'm so sorry. I just meant that-

Maybe I should stop there.

But since I'm already writing, I might as well keep going.

I know I haven't blogged in awhile (almost three months), but I assure you all of that will change. There's been a lot on my mind that needs to be typed. For instance...

-Rap guys are running out of ways to express how to "shake" things. shake it like cyclone, shake it like a saltshaker, shake it like a polaroid picture, etc. Let's try to guess the next batch of urban euphemism. Shake it like an Etch-A-Sketch. Shake it like an earthquake. Shake it like a spray can. Shake it like a broken Nintendo cartridge. We can go on and on.

-Is there anything more crass than having a blowup Titanic to slide down on during Halloween? I mean, really, this is all we can come up with? Perhaps next year there'll be blowup Buchenwald's and Auschwitz's.

-Have you noticed that American Apparel models look so sickly? They look like tired jailbait. Yes. Tired jailbait. I like that.

-Do pregnant women get to use the carpool?

Ok things of that nature have been on my mind. I know I've yet to still update the rest of the ROAD TRIP blog, but rest assured you'll be seeing something even cooler than some internet blog with pictures and descriptions. I'm currently in the process of making a video from all the pictures and footage we got. There's thousands and thousands of pictures to sort, and hours and hours of video to search so give me some time and I'll let you know when it's up. We plan on screening it somwhere fun, so stay tuned for that.

After being virtually gone for three months, it's nice to finally be back on my feet here in California. There's really no other place to live than here. We're lucky to be so close to venues unlike some of the kids in the midwest that have to drive 6+ hours to catch a show. Here, nearly every major venue has a 5 Freeway exit.

And speaking of music, I've seen an insane amount of people recently. Let's name a few..

-The Shins (3), Incubus (2), Norah Jones, Muse, Styx, Travis, Lily Allen, Rodrigo y Gabriela (2), The Killers, Rage, The Dan Band, Spoon, Matt Costa, Pepper, The Village People, Cold War Kids, Amos Lee, and lot, lot more.

This past Saturday I saw Devendra Banhart at The Orpheum. By far one of the best concerts I've ever been to. The energy inside the building was hard to describe- it really felt like being a part of something special. Amid a near riot (dozens of kids ran on stage when DB asked them to, prompting security to freak the freak out), it was amazing to listen to such fascinating music. I mean, the guy sings in Spanish, what's not to like about that?! And Gael Garcia Bernal gave some backup vocals for a song- talk about total package. Compared to everyone else I've seen this year, Devendra's performance was definitely the cat's meow. I don't think I've ever enjoyed live music as much as that.

And yes, that's Bonerz. With a Z. It's silent.

Just a taste of how insane this part of the night was. This crazy asian girl kept screaming for her friend Kat. Here you can see her drunkenly clapping.

That should pretty much sum it all up for now. Sorry for the lapse!

Your Friend,